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I really enjoyed reading this, it’s so helpful to get to see how the process works from your point of view. I also think knowing the facts and figures a bit more as a book buyer as well as writer can only be a good thing! Sometimes Amazon is a necessity but I always find it a much nicer experience buying directly from publishers or indie bookshops, it is a more personal experience 😊

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I'm really pleased to hear this Fiona! Sometimes I'm unsure if sharing the negative sides of the industry will be a depressing read (and so I'd avoid doing it all the time!) but I'm really pleased it is interesting. Xx

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Dear Publisher,

I am a Turkish poet who writes in English. I published 3 books with London publishers before, namely Austin MacAuley and Olympia publishers. Then, I published several more books with a Turkish publisher in Istanbul. Now I am on the look out for a new publisher in England for my new poetry book, which will be ready the end of summer.

Would you be interested in publishing my work? I am Istanbul bound at the moment, but hope to come to England in July for a residential creative writing course.

Hoping to hear form you,

With my best wishes,

Miss Gul Ozseven

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