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Fly on the Wall Press is at the front of innovation in the North of England. Listen to how a one-woman Press operates, hear our industry insights, learn about how we work with authors and have fun whilst doing so! We pride ourselves on political, sustainable and ethical books. We want to demystify the publishing industry, as well as inspiring writers to be published.

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Elevating Literary Impact:

Fly on the Wall Press, a pioneering force based in Manchester, curates and publishes unparalleled political fiction, evocative poetry, and genre-defying anthologies addressing urgent global concerns.

A Trailblazer

Boasting an impressive record of four-time finalist in the prestigious British Book Awards' Small Press of the Year category, we proudly showcase our international acclaim. Our publications have not only received laurels from esteemed poetry competitions like The Laurel Prize and The Julie Suk Award, but also earned accolades in short stories and fiction through the Saboteur Awards and the Edge Hill Prize.

Driving Social Change

Since our inception in February 2018, Fly on the Wall Press seamlessly integrates social activism into our literary endeavours. Our flagship anthologies transcend literature, functioning as catalysts for change. With each sale, we not only raise funds for chosen charities but also fuel an ongoing dialogue on highlighted issues. Embracing the audacious, we tackle sensitive topics, dedicating a substantial portion of our annual schedule to benevolent projects. Our collaborative efforts span a breadth of charitable organizations, including Mind, Shelter, Crisis Aid UK, WWF, The Climate Coalition, Street Child United, and Invest in ME.

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Fly on the Wall Press, based in Manchester, is known for producing political fiction with feminist and quirky undertones, often infused with dark humour, from exceptional authors around the globe. Political, accessible and ethical.


Manc independent publisher with a conscience. M.D. @kenyon_isabelle x4 finalist Small Press of Year, British Book Awards. Finalist in the People's Cultural Awards, (MEN). Sustainable, political and accessible